What to do with scrap yarn collecting among the stash?

Scrap yarn baby blanket

We all have that bag, carton, tub, or box, among our yarn stash, that has a few or even more than a few balls of leftover yarn from previously completed crochet projects, those leftovers which is not enough of one type of color for one large project, or just too much for a small project. 

Do you have some odd balls of yarn where perhaps the color's might not seem to match or work together too well , or a  goodwill haul, which might have seemed like a good deal and bargain, but are now not seemingly not playing well with the other stach mates, this pattern even helps with that odd bag off hand me down yarn balls, from someone who knew a friend, who had a friend, that used to be part of the crochet movements.

Quick Work Crochet Blanket from Scrap Yarn
Have fun with this pattern ... as anything goes !!


Quick Scrap Yarn Baby Blanket pattern is for all the lost yarn balls that seemingly never fit anywhere, willing to become something, grand and great.

The idea is simple , start with your smallest balls first and work in the rounds. As you finish one ball starting with the next ball, you don't have to have all the colors in seperate rows, you can simply just join the next color you wish to add and keep working in the rounds.

Different stitch pattern per round row makes for interesting textures and using a kaleidoscope of color makes this a fun project. 

If you feel like your yarn weights are not all the same and might be one or two hook sizes smaller, simply just stick to the same yarn hook size, and ride the tides of change and make something different and beautiful.

The pattern specifies a 4mm yarn hook for the gauge and finished size, but not any of this is set in stone. Use a larger yarn hook with a thicker / heavier  yarn and your blanket will be bigger. If it's bigger then it's perfect for that sports or game day, to protect your cheeks from a frosty seat.

Quick Work Crochet Blanket from Scrap Yarn

Use a smaller yarn hook and thinner / lighter yarn and your blanket can be smaller. Make some teddy blankets for the next county or church fair and become a legend among the 3 to 10 years old girls, looking for that perfect cozy for their beloved Teddy or Babydoll.

Love to color within the lines? ,then that's great and perfectly fine too, stick to a 4mm yarn hook and a yarn that works for you and you will end up with a comfortable size baby blanket. Use bright colors or even plain colors , there simply are no rules, the only rule is that it makes you happy.

Want to keep going? Why not ??

IF you finish with the pattern and what to carry on .. simply repeat the pattern over again starting from Row3 onwards, you will have to adjust your rows at the corners, but after doing the first set of pattern rows,  I am sure you will be confident enough to keep going. You can also follow the stitch diagram to make the blanket as big or as small as you need.

The pattern consists of a collection of simple to medium moderate  stitches, which makes this project easy to work on. It works up quickly as you are essentially working 4 rows per round, and the project grows quickly  into a comfortable blanket.

Switching stitches per row also keeps the work interesting, sometimes having to do the same stitch a thousand times over can be exhaustingly boring. - Don't get me wrong, working on a same stitch project has its time , place and space in every crochetters universe, - but this pattern is not one of them, this project keeps you wanting more as every row you work you fall in love with the magic of different crochet stitches. 

There is a variety of simple to medium moderate difficulty in the stitches, but the pattern comes along with a stitch diagram which helps with understanding crochet process better. This is not a step by step tutorial in anyway.

Therr us a written description of stitches, but this is not an tutotial.

So if you are a beginner and want to work on a project with some interesting patterns and stitches and don't want to work too long on a massive duvet cover, this is the ideal small pattern that gives you enough experience in working with different stitches and stitch combinations.

The Scrap Yarn Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern, works up quickly as you are basically working 4 sides with every round. If you enjoy working granny square type rounds this will be a delightful granny square blanket with a twist.

Scrap Yarn Pic-nic Crochet Pattern

You don't necessarily have to use scrap yarn, if you are looking for fun textured granny squared, work in the round crochet blanket pattern this can be your next to go to project.  Coloured Yarn cakes work well when working in the round as your result is more  a  : what you see is what you get. 

If you struggle to work a straight crochet seam this pattern is just another reason to enjoy working in the round and you don't have to have any sleepless nights about work coming out skewed.

A printable option is available from the Etsy store as well as a detailed stitch diagram which visually assists you with understanding the stitches.