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Crochet Small Square - Easy African Daisy - Free Crochet Pattern

Small little flower granny square crochet pattern. Use it in making a cardigan or summer top or tile squares together for a beautiful blanket

Crochet Small Square - Easy African Daisy
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The Easy African Daisy Flower square is based on the infamous African daisy crochet flower, African daisies are the symbol of love and purity. Friends often offer daisies as a gift to new mothers as they symbolize new life, so why not make a baby blanket for a new mom?

4 granny squares in diffrent colors
Make a granny square in your favorite colors

Small crochet squares are super versatile, make small fabric coasters or join them together for a tote bag or even a fun colorful crochet sweater.African Daisies are known for their abundance in color, so don't be shy about using bold and bright colors.

Small colorfull granny flower squares
Make granny square in colors of your choice

Pattern is worked in the round , African daisy features in the center of the square. Unlike the real daisy that opens when the sunlight falls upon them and closes when the light fades, this little flower is sure to never fade away.

Skills required for pattern are to understand the basics of working in the round as well as joining different yarn colors and how to end and finish rows. Always ensuring that your final row count per side is correct or you will struggle to join your block at a late stage.

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Gauge is not essential, but it's best to stick to the same yarn weight and crochet hook thru-out making your squares or your squares would not match up.Work ends, as you go will help you at the end when it comes to finishing the blanket unless you love spending a day at least to work on loose ends.

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Crochet Small Square - Easy African Daisy

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What you might need for completing this project

I add these pattern requirements as a simple guide to what I have used in the example pattern as well as some suggestions that I might think will work if the required materials are not obtainable. I often get requests on what yarn I have used and what color, so I hope this section helps.
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    Pdf Pattern printed version and matrials
    Easy  and simple basic crochet supplies

    Lightweight yarn like DK yarn, or double knitting yarn, or referred to by some crochet councils as the 3/Light category. You might see DK yarn labeled as 8-ply yarn in Europe and Australia.

    You can use any yarn of your choice, just note that by using lighter yarn and a smaller one, each square and blanket size will be overall smaller, by using a heavier yarn and larger hook, the squares will be larger and the overall blanket size will be bigger. 


    The example pattern uses a: 3.5 mm / US 4 /E-4 fo the example yarn used.
    But feel free to use the hook that suits your preferred yarn.


    I don't think tension is particularly important for this pattern,
    I would suggest sticking to the same hook and yarn across all Blocks and when joining, as this will ensure that all your Blocks match up.

Finished Measurements

Square size made with 3.5 mm hook : 11 x 11 cm / 5 x 5 inches
Square size made with 2.5 mm hook : 8 x 8 cm / 3.2 x 3.2 inches

This post contains affiliate links. You can click on any yarn or material highlighted to purchase. I will receive a small commission if you purchase but it won’t cost you any extra! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Pattern instructions

Pdf Pattern printed version
FREE online version is a watered down version of downloadable pattern which include row by row images of instructions.

Start with sc in a magic ring,

Row 1

*3 dctog into magic ring, ch 3, repeat 7 more times, join with sl into top of starting 3 dctog, finish off color. 

Row 2

Join new color around post of 3 dctog, * FPsc around 3 dctog, 5dc-shell into 3 ch-sp, rep from * around,  join with sl into the top of FPsc, finish off color. 

granny squares in foreground crossbody bag in background
Mixup some colored granny squares for a fun blanket

Row 3

Join new color around FPsc from round 2. * FPhdc round FPsc, 6dc-shell into 3rd stitch of 5 dc shell, skip next two dc sts(s), rep from * around,  join with sl into top of ch 3, finish off color.

Row 4

Join new color in round Fphdc from previous row, *1 Fphdc round Fphdc post, 1 hdc into each of the 6dc-shell stitches, from previous row, rep from * around,  join with sl into top of first Fpdc,  finish off color. 

Row 5

Join new color in sp before, Fphdc,* 2 dctog, ch 1, 2 dctog, into space before FPdc, ch 2, 2 dctog, ch 1, 2 dctog in sp after FPdc, ch 4, 1 FPhdc round FPdhc, ch 4, repeat from * 3 times more round, to form square, join with sl into top of 2 dctog, finish off color.

Row 6

Join new color into corner 2 ch-sp,* 2 hdc, ch 2, 2 hdc into corner 2 ch-sp, 1 Fphdc round 2dctog, 1 hdc in next 1 ch-sp, 1 Fphdc round next 2dctog, working in hdc stitches from row 4, skip first hdc st ,1 hdc into next 5 hdc sts, 1 fphdc around Fphd from row 5, working in hdc stitches from row 4, 1 hdc into next 5 hdc sts,  skip last hdc st , 1 Fphdc round 2dctog, 1 hdc in next 1 chsp, 1 Fphdc round next 2dctog, from row 5, repeat from * 3 times more round, to form a square, join with sl into starting hdc stitch, finish off color.


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