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Crochet Bag Patterns

Crochet bag patterns are a favorite among beginner crocheters. This crochet collection features a wide variety of crochet totes, circle bags, large shopper bags and striped market bags plus many more.
Show me a crochet lover, without a crochet bag! I love myself a crochet bag, and I have a collection that is forever growing, here is a list of my crochet bag patterns, as I design more bags I always add some more patterns here. The list of patterns includes some free crochet bag patterns so make sure you give them a go. 

If it's cotton, hemp or bamboo yarn, there is nothing more beautiful, practical, and usable than a bag, let it be an everyday tote bag,a show stopper handbag, a small pretty purse or even a market bag, the options are endless. I have many bags for gifts for family and friends and even some work college. Crochet bags work up very fast, and can be made in any color or fibre.

Crochet Bag Patterns
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Can a beginner crochet a bag?

Crochet totes and slings are the ideal project for beginner crochetters. Bags, purses, sling bags, and pouches are some of the best beginner-friendly crochet items, any crochet lover should try, them at least once, maybe twice, well as many times as your heart desires, as crochet bags are not only easy but once you make one, you will have to make another and another.

For beginners I would recommend an easy tote bag, just to start understanding the basics of crochet bags, most beginner-friendly crochet bag patterns, simply start in a row and are then worked in rounds to create a bag from a strand of crochet yarn.
There is a huge selection of intermediate and advanced crochet bag and handbag patterns, some patterns consist of granny squares that are joined together.



What is the best stitch for crochet handbags?

It is always best to use tight, dense crochet stitches, as you don't want any item to fall out of your bag. It is recommended to use a basic stitch like single or half double crochet as these crochet stitches result in a fabric that can be dense enough to hold your goods safely. Thermal stitch is a very good crochet stitch for making crochet bags. 

Another for crochet tote, shoulder, market, or handbags made with a loose crochet stitch is to simply make a fabric lining and sew the lining into the inside of the bag, a fabric lining can be a fun option, as you can perhaps add additional pockets inside your crocheted bag, which can, in turn, hold smaller items and having smaller pockets inside your bag will give more function to an already very usable item.

Are crocheted handbags in style?

Crochet bags totes market bags, and handbags are a constant popular trend, crochet bags can be made in many styles and colors, so comfort yourself with a cute round crochet tote bag, or take on the malls and markets with a way out oversized crochet market bag. Dress to impress with a homemade crochet bag, fashionistas can be delighted with a sure way to instantly add a summer feel to a look with bohemian-styled crochet bags. For someone who has an extensive wardrobe, a few custom crochet handbags in all the colors they love is a total must.

What size yarn is best for crochet bags?

Best to follow the yarn size requirements mentioned for each pattern, the average yarn weights for bags are DK and heavier, but there are some patterns out there using 4ply yarn, which perhaps more detail, in the crochet bag pattern collection there are a few variations in the yarn per bags, some bags are made with lighter than a DK weight yarn., but for most medium weight yarn such as worsted is required.

Should you line a crochet bag?

Many times, a crochet bag or tote can be soft and flimsy, by simply adding a lining to your crochet bag, you can give your bag some extra structure, and prevent the bag from stretching down to the ground when you fill it with things, adding a lining to a crochet bag also protects the yarn especially if you are using yarn which pills and separates easily.

Flowered Square Tote Bag
Choose a strong fibre content yarn for your crochet bag

What yarn is best for crochet totes, purses, and bags?

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    Crochet tote bag pattern

    Crochet Squares Tote Bag : Burning Sun

    Burning Sun crochet square tote bag is a large-sized tote bag crochet pattern. The finished crochet bag makes a perfect farmers market bag, or designer beach bag, and is strong and sturdy enough for use as a daily reusable shopping bag.

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Latest Pattern

Big Flower Crochet Bag

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Crochet crossbody tote - African Sun

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What you might need for completing this project

I add these pattern requirements as a simple guide to what I have used in the example pattern as well as some suggestions that I might think will work if the required materials are not obtainable. I often get requests on what yarn I have used and what color, so I hope this section helps.

    When I crochet any bag, purse, or handbag, I prefer to use cotton yarn because it's very strong, extremely durable, and will very seldom pill.

    Fiber content will always play a role in crochet bags and depends mostly on the type of bag and the kind of use the bag is intended for, if you need something hardwearing for a market or shopping bag, then the best option is some durable mercerized cotton yarn, if your looking for something more dainty for a purse or handbag for special occasions you can select a softer yarn fiber, like a wool or wool blend if you are using a softer yarn, you can easily select a smaller crochet hook size, which will result in a more stiff and structured fabric.

    Selecting a pattern that is round or made from squares can also be a better fit for acrylic yarns, as the tension is distributed over the bag and will be less likely to stretch to one side, you can also use the terminal crochet stitch instead of single and half double crochet to make the strap and handle-less stretchy.

    Pilling should be something to consider when selecting yarn for making a crochet bag, some crochet bags will go through a lot of wear and use, and if the bag constantly rubs against your body, as you go about your activity, you do not want your beautiful bag to pill or have pilling fluff on your clothes. An Easy way to test your yarn for pilling, is to crochet a swatch and then rub that swatch together to see if any pilling happens.

    Another important yarn note for crochet bag making is definitely the colorfastness of the yarn.
    Select a colorfast yarn, as you don't want to have the color of your handbag on your clothes and underarms when you return from your shopping trip. To check for colorfastness, roll up and tie some sample yarn together in a small ball and let soak in warm water for at least 15 to 20 minutes, if the water changes color then perhaps that yarn is not the best option for your bag. For easy color results, the best practice is to add some neutral light color yarn with test sample yarn, as this will change color if the yarn is not colorfast.

    Cost can always be a factor when selecting yarn, but the great thing about crochet bags is that they don't use much yarn, maybe 2 to 3 skeins at most, so picking a good quality yarn for something that you will be using often is more of an investment than a splurge. So pick a good strong durable yarn, and make yourself the bag you deserve.


    Let's have a look at the various fiber content types and the pros and cons each offer;

    Acrylic yarn is a versatile and affordable option for crochet bags, it comes in a great selection of colors, is easily accessible, and is very popular, but some acrylic yarns can easily pill,  and stretch, so perhaps the above-mentioned pilling test will be best. If you don't intend a lot of use for a crochet bag and would like a pretty bag for special occasions then acrylic yarn would do just fine, you can add a lining to stop the stretch and make the bag more sturdy. Lining a crochet bag made with acrylic yarn will support the items added inside and will not allow the bag to stretch.
    Another option for when you want to use acrylic, wool, or blended yarn to crochet a bag, is to use a crochet hook size smaller than what is recommended by the yarn manufacturer, this will ensure you get a denser and sturdier fabric that will hold the shape of your crochet bags better. 

    Cotton yarn can take a lot of wear and tear, is super sturdy, and makes a brilliant option for bags that carry heavier items like books and heavy shopping items in the market or crochet shopper bags. Medium-weight cotton yarn is always a popular choice for most crochet bags, comes in a wide selection of colors and weights, and is perhaps a better crochet bag fiber to use when using choosing a crochet bag pattern that requires a lightweight yarn.

    Hemp yarn is best for durability and strength, an excellent choice for sturdy strong crochet bags. Hemp yarn is one of the most environmentally friendly, and sustainable fibers on the market, so you are not only making pretty bags but also your helping the earth in return. Some hemp yarn brands can be slightly rough in texture but will soften with regular use.

    Using Nylon yarn is another option, by choice, I have played around with this yarn, and can be a good option for daily use crochet bags like market bags or big beach totes that require extra strength and resilience nylon yarn or yarn blends that include nylon are ideal as it adds durability and helps crochet bags maintain shape.

    Another sustainable yarn is Bamboo yarn, it is a very strong fiber, but the nature of the yarn is that it can snag very easily, so you will need to keep that in consideration. Baboo yarn can also fray quite easily so if you are using bamboo yarn for your crochet bag ensure that you tighten your work well, and leave longer tails so you can add some extra length for weaving in tails to ensure that your crochet bag or bags does not frail.

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Crochet Bag Patterns

Striped & Twisted Market Bag

I love a good sturdy crochet bag, especially one with loads of colors and texture, the striped and twisted market bag is by far one of my favorite crochet bag, perfect for any road trip, and a definite conversation piece at any market ay you will visit, the end project is a strong and sturdy market bag, that can be used for any occasion.

Finishes sized is a nice comfortable lightweight size, and can be worked in any color of your choice, if you are not stripy like me, one color bag will also be a stunner as the pattern have enough textures to make it a beautiful project.

A great addition to any crochet handbag collector.


Crochet Bag Patterns

Chunky Crossbody Bag

Ready to make a fun crossbody round crochet bag with some oversized yarn?
This pattern works up super quick, and don't be surprised if your one crochet bag turns into many.
This is my favorite go-to pattern when I have a craft market and need some fun quick-to-make items in a flash.

* This website has a free online version of this pattern : Find it here

Crochet Bag Patterns

Tote - Shoulder Sling Bag

It's summer, and it's time to get your crochet crojo back with this fun and quick to workup crochet bag.

This small bag is perfect for daily use, but the pattern allows for adjustable strap length so you can make it larger or smaller as your needs demand.

It's a great gift idea for a special friend, sister or mother.

Crochet Bag Patterns

Sunnyside Circle Bag

Add flare to any outfit, with a new sunny round circle bag, the center sun pattern is perfect for when you want to be stylish and on-point without compromising your comfort or style. This medium-sized crossbody bag pattern includes various strap lengths, features a sun decal in the center, and is made up of round-textured crochet stitches into a cross-shoulder or cross-body bag.

Crochet Bag Patterns

Flower Granny Squares Tote Bag

The Crochet flower tote bag pattern includes the use of two beautiful crochet square patterns and is really easy to make.

Choose your favorite colors and create a one-of-a-kind tote bag that is sure to turn heads.

* This website has a free online version of this pattern : Find it here

Crochet Bag Patterns

Crochet crossbody tote - African Sun

Women's handbag, fun, modern sun decal designer tote bag crochet pattern. This unique tote bag is made up of beautiful crochet stitches and is quick to make,  perfect for any indoor or outdoor event.

A fun and modern round crochet tote bag in your favorite colors is perfect for summer getaways, lunch dates with friends, or even just running errands around town. 

Who doesn't love a quick crochet project that turns out to look like it took way more time than it actually did? Well, this crochet tote bag is the perfect project for anyone looking to make stunning artwork of a crochet bag for yourself or even as gifts for friends or family, and it's so versatile that you can make it in any color or gender.

* This website has a free online version of this pattern : Find it here

Crochet Bag Patterns

Easy Crochet Bag

Super easy Women's crochet cross body handbag, simplistic and modern shoulder sling tote bag crochet pattern. This beginner-friendly tote bag is made up of easy double-crochet stitches and is quick to make.
Beginner-friendly, and great for crocheters who want to try their hand at making crochet bags, this bag is a  very popular item at craft markets and gift shops and sells out quickly. If you need some quick items to sell this bag works up very quickly and one can make up to two to three bags a day, depending on your crochet speed.

* This website has a free online version of this pattern : Find it here

Crochet Bag Patterns

Gazania Flower Round Tote Bag

Looking for a fun, modern crochet bag that's quick to make and perfect for friendship gifts? This bright, favorite-color crochet tote bag is just what you need!

Crochet Bag Patterns

Tote Bag - Flower Stitch

Everyone needs cotton sling bags, for those spring pic-nic and summer bbq's out in the warm weather or the ultimate conversation piece at your next family event.

* This website has a free online version of this pattern : Find it here

Crochet Bag Patterns

Big Flower Crochet Bag

Many types of circle bags on the internet but what makes this bag so unique is the big round flower on the front, this pattern can easily be worked up in any of your favorite colors.

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