Bold Retro Flower Power Circle Bag

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Round Crochet festival bag with large crochet flower in center

Fun retro inspired crochet flower bag for fun festival vibes

Get your groove on with a big flower power circle crochet bag, inspired by the 60s and 70s freedom of love, it features a big bold flower design in the center of the circle.a Perfect retro designed bag for summer bonfire parties and music festivals. The medium sized bindle is big enough to carry along all your necessities,sling it over your shoulder for a hassle crossbody bag or tie up a longer length strap to turn it into a lightweight carry bag.

Circle crochet bag  pattern panels are worked in the round and made up using an average of 4 yarn colors, so you can be bold and make this bag in all your favorite colors.
Choose your strap length from the various options included in the written crochet pattern, options are endless and include strap length instructions for a long strap crossbody bag, an over-shoulder handbag and a short short-strap clutch pouch bag.

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Circle Bags with big crochet flower center

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Crochet bags are a great addition to any wardrobe

Circle crochet bags are especially unique and versatile. Not only are they functional, but they are also fashionable and can add a pop of color to any festival or party outfit.

The yarn length required for this crochet bag pattern is about 370 to 400 meters or  400 to 430 yards of craft cotton yarn. The basic pattern requires 3 colors, and of 3 main parts, the front panel, the back panel, and the strap. The strap is worked in one continuous row, and the two words are joined together to form a loop, for the bag pattern examples shown on this page, I used the following lengths of yarn per color:

For the center circle and the inner color of the flower petals, I used approximately 83 meters  / 90 yards of yarn., in the pattern this is mentioned as color 1.
For the Flower Framework, the outlining of the center of the flower and the flower petals I used approximately 83 m / 90 yards of yarn, and in the pattern this is referenced as color 2.
For the main color of the bag, or as I call it the base color of the bag, which includes the outer rows that surround the final flower as well as the strap of the bag used about  200 m / 220 yards of yarn, and mentioned in the pattern as color 3.

Crochet Circle bag made from craft cotton for festivals and bonfire parties


crossbody crochet bag round cross shoulder crochet bag pattern

Crochet hook : 4.5mm / US: G/7  / UK : 7
Yarn weight and fiber: Double-Knit Craft Cotton
Bag Size - Pouch : 25cm x 25 cm / 10 x 10 inches
Strap length  from top to bottom: 110 cm / 43 inches
English: Crochet US Terminology

Difficulty level: Intermediate

You can purchase this downloadable pattern from any of my store links and include:

* English written instructions: US Terminology
* Photo instructions for magic ring, 
* Photo instructions for finishing off yarn, 
* Photo instructions for joining and starting a new row.
* Detailed instructions for different length straps, joining bag, and finishing off the bag.


Construction of a Crochet a Circle Bag

Making a circle bag requires crocheting 2 side panels and a strap, after you have crocheted the sides of the bag, you create the handles. The downloadable pattern includes diagrams in clear instructions for joining and finishing the bag as well as various resizing notes for straps, you can create a short handle that will be used for carrying the bag or you can create a single longer handle that can be worn over the shoulder or create a crossbody sling bag.

Selecting colors for your crochet circle bag

Express your personality with your favorite yarn colors, and choosing the colors are completely up to you, this crochet bag patterns require three colors for completing this bag. For a more classic style use subtle tones of browns or gray, for a more brightly colored bag for the vibey younger at heart, select three contrasting bright colors like baby blue, bright pink, and yellow. Variegated yarn can also be a good option, for getting the outer base color for the bag, but remember the more contrast between the flower and the base color of the bag the brighter the flower shines. The outer base color can also be worked in alternating rainbow-colored stripes for an additional funky effect.

Big crochet flower in center of bag
Large crochet flower for front and back panels of the circlebag  
round circle crochet bag pattern
A versatile easy crochet flower bag .

The best type of yarn for this circle festival crochet sling bag

I recommend a strong fiber crochet yarn, like cotton or nylon, the less stretch to your yarn the more the bag will keep its shape, be strong and durable, and last for loads of fun memories to come.
If all you have in hand is a a softer or more stretchy yarn like acrylic yarn don't stress you will still be able to make a usable bag. You can use a crochet hook a size smaller than the recommended hook mentioned on the yarn label, this way you can tighten up your tension, and your bag is more likely to keep its shape, another option is to line your bag with fabric close to the same finished weight of your crochet bag, that way you are certain that smaller items like pens and hair pins won't sneak their way out of the sides during your festival fun.

Soft or stretch yarns can still be your friend when you are looking to make a more slouchy type of bag, stick to the crochet hook mentioned on your yarn label, or even go one size up with your crochet hook, to relax your tension, this will make the bag softer and slightly more slouchy. Slouchy stretchable bags do come in handy if you are looking for a safe place to carry along your favorite cover-up or need space for some swimwear, do note that you will have to add a smaller bag to carry smaller essential items.

university crochet bag pattern
Use strong cotton fiber content crochet yarn for your bag

Some additional tips for making this Circle Crochet Bag

  • To add some personality to your bag, try using multiple colors of yarn per alternating rounds, especially on the outer rounds after completing the flower, this will give the bag some great retro style.
  • Lining your bag is not required, but if you do decide to add lining to your bag, keep your fabric sizes as close as possible to the finished inner size of the bag, you don't want to fight with extra fabric folds when reaching in your bag to get out an item. You can always secure the bag lining with some small stitches to ensure the inner lining doesn't pop out.
  • You can use a variety of buttons and zippers to close your bag if you wish to do so, when selecting a zipper pick something that can handle some wear and tear, you don't want a broken zip on your favorite bag.
  • You can experiment with different types of yarn to see how they will affect the look and feel of your bag, the pattern can be worked in a multitude of yarn types so good with your artistic feel, you can also add embellishments such as buttons, tassels, or pom poms for extra flair.
60s sixties crochet pattern bag
Make multiple bags in multiple colors for great gifts


    This big flower crochet circle crochet bag is a fun and practical project that can add a stylish touch to any outfit. With a simple design and a few basic stitches, you can create a one-of-a-kind bag that you can use for any occasion. Circle crochet bags are very popular sellers at craft markets and music festivals, so add this to your market day items if you are a crafter who loves to sell your work on market day.

     I love to see finished projects and different takes on my patterns so please feel free to tag me on any of your finished project social media posts.

    Materials needed to make a festival tote bag

    To get started on your circle crochet bag, you will need the following materials and tools:

    Yarn of your choice
    It can be any color or type of yarn, but make sure it is appropriate for the size of your hook. You can choose lightweight yarn if you want a soft slouchy bag, or you can use thicker yarn if you want a more sturdy bag.

    Crochet hook
    The hook size should correspond to the weight of the yarn you choose. You can check the label of the yarn to determine the recommended hook size.

    You are adding colors per row, so you will need some scissors to snip off the tails after completing the crochet row.

    Yarn Sewing Needle
    To create the crochet flower motif, you do have tails that need to be worked away after each round. Find a comfortable-sized sewing needle with an eye that will be big enough to easily thread your yarn through, nothing is more frustrating if you are roaring to work your next row, and you are struggling with treading the yarn through a needle. The best practice is to work away tails as per row, this way you don't have to treat weaving in tails when the project is almost complete.

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    Circle Bags with big crochet flower center
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