A Winter Crochet Blanket Scarf

Submitted on Sun, 05/15/2022 - 19:15
Crochet Blanket Wrap Blanket

Need a weekend crochet project to cozy up with next to a long fire ? 

Well here you go..
This lacy textured shawl/wrap is perfect addon for your winter clothing collection.
It can be worked in a cozy warm yarn for a cozy winter cuddle or it can be worked in a ligter sportnor fingering yarn for a summer wrap around.
With its floral lace design you are sure to have a conversation piece for any book club occasion.

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Textured Crochet Blanket Wrap Scarf
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crochet blanket scarf chunky cowl
Chunky textured blanket scarf

Is it a scarf, is it a winter wrap, is it a blanket shawl ?
Well, yes, yes, and yes, it's is all of the above.

Textured in layers of floral crochet stitch patterns, this is a beautiful addition to any winter wardrobe, and can so easily be made in all your favourite colours, using all your indulgent yarn. 
I always believe that a beautiful crochet piece deserves the yarn you love. I have fallen in love with crochet over and over during my lifetime, it has endless possibilities, and perhaps sometimes I can't crochet quick enough to get all the pattern ideas out of my head.

Flower pattern chunky scarf
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This winter wrap is extremely close to my heart, at the age of only 38 I had to undergo a hysterectomy after having some health issues, and like so many of you already know, it is not always the most comfortable procedure to undertake. 
It all came on so quickly from ending up in the hospital to being scheduled for surgery, one sort of have some form of fear that settles in your heart, and I have found that the only way for me to calmly deal with stresses and obstacles in my life is to be creative, I have forever found my outlet in the arts, but non so vivid as the fiber arts especially when it came to crochet.


The pattern idea came to me with the stresses and panic I was experiencing in my own life, sometimes the will and vision for a project is so strong that it is forever sitting on your mind, reminding you that the time for creating is now, and so this pattern came together is my week in hospital, that time lockdown was still in full force and we, inside the hospital, was not allowed any visitors, not even on the day you are wheeled in for surgery, so as my parents use to teach me in times of crises, become a solution, and this project became my solution to my dealing with my solitude.



Variett yarn type blanket wrap
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One thing that I truly enjoy about crochet is the absolutely endless variety of stitch patterns. I am in love with how the different patterns form and create different textures in the finished fabric. This winter  shawl has become my go-to gift crochet pattern I make for so many others, and every time  I brush my hands over the textures and see the beauty and joy of what crochet is, I can only be happy and grateful for the beautiful life we live, and to be thankful for  the wonderful life we have been given.


Lacy and floral crochet designs take a lot of switching stitch patterns and can be tricky as there are so many different types of patterns that you should always ensure your stitch count works out with your pattern design, and sometimes in the process of designing, there is frogging … a lot of frogging.

But with designing comes frogging and reworking and rewriting and at the end of the day, it's all a labor of love to be able to share this pattern with many others in the hope that it also brings joy, hope, and comfort for those in time of challenges and crisis.

I hope this pattern gives you joy and happiness.

back view of the wraped in cashmere winter scarf


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Textured Crochet Blanket Wrap Scarf
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This crochet winter scarf is worked in a combination of everyday crochet stiches and set out in the written pattern so that it can be worked by anyone who knows their way around the basics of crochet.

So if you have some idea about ,half double crochet, double crochet, front post double crochet, 2dc in same stitch ,3dc in same stitch ,3dc-cluster ,V-st (v-stitch) - work 1 dc st, 1 ch st, and 1 more dc st in the same chain or space and crossed dc, you are sure to enjoy this pattern.

This crochet pattern is written in US Crochet terminology and like with many of my patterns I do include an easy to follow stitch diagram.

The downloadable pdf version of this pattern includes resizing for four different sizes.

145 x 70 cm

175 x 70 cm

205 x 70 cm .

225 x 70 cm

The pattern is worked in rows, from left to right with a turn for every side. If you wish to work this pattern in different colors, it would surely be a fun project to do.

Written in English Standard US Crochet terms in both the written and stitch diagram it is surely a weekend crochet project to add to your WIP collection.

Designing new and creative designs and creating patterns, takes time and effort , without support this won't be possible.

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