Striped Crochet Stitch Sampler Afghan

Submitted on Wed, 05/22/2024 - 03:41
Original Striped stitch sampler blanket pattern

Make quick work of mixed-stitch crochet stitch sampler blanket

I selected a collection of easy crochet stitches and combined them into a single crochet afghan blanket, and it works perfectly for when you wish to work away all those extra scrap yarn balls, or when have the urge to thin out your yarn stash, and need to make way for my next crochet yarn haul. 

Patterns include easy-to-follow written instructions and crochet stitch diagrams so all can enjoy this lovely blanket. The mix of crochet stitches in this pattern is quick to work and the change of crochet pattern stitches keeps you engaged. The finished afghan ends up being cozy soft and lightweight, perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon picnic, or your favorite colorful throw for your lounge or reading nook. 

The pattern is a melody of mixed crochet stitches intertwined in rows that makes a visually pleasing crochet blanket, it is not a full-on tutorial for learning new stitches, but rather my interpretation of combining my favorite patterns and stitches into a beautiful blanket.

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Striped crochet stitch sampler singel afghan pattern

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a Variety of crochet stitched

The blanket pattern includes a variety of mixed crochet stitches from the beginner crochet stitches like the trusty single crochet, and the half double crochet stitch and moving across the longer stitches like the double crochet and treble crochet stitch. I play around a lot with a combination of stitches like the 3 double crochet stitches, the 2 double crochet stitches, and the cross-over double crochet stitches, all neatly worked out to interchange between rows.

I switch between more advanced crochet stitches like the V-double crochet stitch the 5dccluster stitch, and the favorite shell stitch, where I find it fits best I interweave a multitude of crochet stitch patterns, like the trusty crochet block stitch, which in my opinion makes beautiful blankets just on its own, in between some wave crochet patterns, and also play around with some interesting alternating wave patterns.

Crochet stitch sampler has a variety of mixed crochet stitches

True to my love of nature and full-flowing gardens I added some floral or flower stitches that range from a version based on the tulip stitch to a decorative flower wave stitch.

Easy crochet stitch sampler blanket pattern


Easy pattern instructions

The striped afghan is one of my favorite crochet blankets, I have spent a lot of time making this pattern easy to follow, the line of the crochet blanket creates the length of the blanket and the completed mixed row stitches make up the width of the blanket.

Note that this is a combination of mixed stitch crochet stitches that has been compiled into a crochet stitch sampler blanket pattern and not a full-on how-to learn n crochet blanket tutorial. I would suggest this pattern for someone who knows their way around crochet and needs something that will remind them of the beauty that crochet offers.

Although this pattern is not a full-on detailed tutorial, do think that making this pattern will leave you more skilled at the end of it.

If you are a more entry-level crocheter then I do have a stitch sampler pattern which includes a detailed photo tutorial available and this can be found here : 

Mixed Crochet Stitches Sampler Multiple Blanket Sizes and Tutorial in ONE Pattern

Terminology & abbreviations

The pattern is written in US crochet terminology, written instruction uses the standard crochet abbreviations, which are all listed neatly for easy reference. The pattern also features stitch diagrams alongside written instructions helping you to understand the instructions easier, and intern helios you understand stitch diagrams if you are not familiar with diagrams.

Crochet stitch sampler legend example


Stitch sampler written pattern example image

Written Instructions and Stitch diagrams

The pattern includes additional references, it has a section on special stitches with some written instructions for them, also included is a stitch legend, added in the pattern notes to help with understanding the stitch diagrams included alongside the written pattern instructions. The pattern has a short photo instruction for starting your first row. Additional help and instructions for this pattern can be found on my website by visiting the Link page

The pattern shows an image that references the complete section of the written pattern, again this is not a full-on tutorial simply a reference image.

Crochet stitch sampler color usage

Color Usage and Yarn Suggestions

I use yarns that speak to me and I am not affiliated with the sale of any Brand or yarn type, and my income is solely based on the sale of patterns. I write patterns for the love of color and I combine and pick colors randomly for this blanket. I piled up all my favorite yarn colors into a large box and then worked with them, and perhaps that is what I need to use for color reference…

I write patterns for the feel and look of the finished item rather than to promote yarn sales. I do believe that if you have a yarn favorite and like to crochet, then pick the yarn you love working with. Making a large blanket takes time, effort, and most of all love.
Believe it or not, using a yarn that makes you want to crochet, helps with completing a project. I used DK cotton yarn as I love working with it, it's cool in summer and warm in winter, and just a natural fiber that I prefer. I also choose DK yarn as the hook size is the type of fabric that works for me when it comes to blanket-type projects.

But we all all different, we like using different-sized crochet hooks and we like using different types of yarn weights and fibers, so the yarn you like, love, and prefer for this blanket pattern. Just use the appropriate hook size for your loved yarn.
Spend time with things you love not things that will frustrate you in the process.

Crochet stitch sampler color chart


Color chart / Color reference

Pick your favorite yarn colors, place them in a box, yarn box, basket, or whatever you use, then make a blanket, based on the colors you like, soon enough you will find your groove. Life is too short, go wild.

Still looking for a color chart?

I have had some questions about adding a per-row color chart for this pattern, but this pattern was compiled with random colors, and I suggest you follow your heart when selecting rows, or perhaps use the photo references in the pattern to match colors as that is the most I am going to spend on color charting.

If you want to test out yarns then perhaps try a smaller project like crochet squares or blankets, I have a few listed on my site you can have a look here.

Blanket Size Information 

Blanket size information is for ONE blanket size only, and based on the yarn and crochet hook that I used, also the yarn requirements listed in the pattern id based on the example blanket size only, If you use a heavier or lighter yarn your size will differ from the finished measurement listed below.

  • Crochet hook used in pattern: 4mm / US: G/6 / UK: 8
  • The yarn weight  of yarn used in pattern example: DK: Double knit
  • Fibre of yarn used for example blanket: 100%  Cotton
  • Finished Size of example blanket: 
  • Width x length (inches) : 70 x 59 / Width x length (cm): 180 x 150
  • Gauge : 10 cm x 10 cm: 18 sts x 5 dc rows
  • Yarn length used for making example blanket: 1800 m / 1950 yards
  • Row world for final blanket sizes and included in the pattern: 120 written pattern instruction rows

This pattern is written for the above-mentioned size using the above-mentioned yarn type and crochet size hook.This pattern does not include specific resizing notes, only a guideline.

Each page of the pattern has small images that reference the finished section of the blanket, please note this is for reference only, and no specific color names are or will be added to this pattern.

Lapgan sized Crochet stitch sampler Afghan


 You are welcome to use a larger crochet hook with a thicker yarn or a thinner yarn with a smaller hook, but note that you will have to calculate the size difference using the gauge supplied in the pattern. I do not specify colors or a color list in the pattern. I believe that each person must determine their own choice of colors. I won't be adding a color list.

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Striped crochet stitch sampler singel afghan pattern
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If you are looking for a pattern that has more educational value, has multiple pattern blanket sizes, and accommodates using different weighted yarns and different-sized crochet hook, I have taken the time to write and compile such a pattern and can be found here 

Mixed Crochet Stitches Sampler Multiple Blanket Sizes in one Pattern

It is packed with 210 rows of mixed crochet stitches instead of the 120 rows featured in this pattern, it also has an extensive breakdown of blanket resizing for 12 different blankets, as well as an image photo guide and additional detailed instructions.

Designing new and creative designs and creating patterns, takes time and effort , without support this won't be possible.

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