Mixed Crochet Stitches Sampler Multiple Blanket Sizes in one Pattern

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Mixed crochet stitches in resizeable blanket sizes crochet pattern

This all-in-one easy-to-follow beginner-friendly Mixed Stitches Striped Afghan pattern is packed with fun crochet stitches mixed up into a beautiful blanket that will make you want to snuggle up under it while reading your favorite book.

Pattern includes resizing tables so you can make the blanket size of your choice with very little hassle !

The pattern is perfect for beginners who want to learn new stitches or practice their skills on a larger scale.

Crochet stitches are worked in rows for a textured crochet blanket.

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Multiple blanket sizes in one pattern
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Mixed Crochet stitches give us endless possibilities when creating a blanket rich in color and texture. The multitude of crochet stitch patterns is endless, front short to tall, bubble to smooth,  stroking your hand over a finished crochet afghan brings a certain kind of joy to my heart like no other. 

Beginner-friendly Its easy to make a Stitch sampler crochet blanket
Blankets/afghans are worked from top to bottom, which means your starting chain length determines the width of the blanket, while the amount of rows you work on determines the length of the blanket

Downloadable PDF pattern available for purchase  

  • Blanket size information for multiple blanket sizes
  • Yarn requirements for multiple blanket sizes
  • Resizing options for different weight of yarns & crochet hooks
  • Special Stitches are used in this pattern.
  • Pattern terminology & Abbreviations.
  • Written Instructions in US Terminology
  • Stitch diagrams that follow alongside written instructions. 
  • The photo guide includes per-row photo references and additional information.
  • Two border options for the finished blanket - Basic and Fancy
  • The pattern includes 210 Rows of Mixed Crochet Stitches
  • Stitches in rows determine the width of the blanket, and rows work to determine the length of the blanket.
  • 210  rows of alternating crochet stitches
Detailed US terminology instruction
Stitch diagrams that follow alongside written instructions
Wide variety of crochet stitches in pattern

Easy Crochet Stitches and Terminology 

This pattern is a collection of some of my favorite go-to crochet stitch patterns, written and charted using standard US crochet terminology, and features the following stitches :
Please note this pattern includes a stitch abbreviations chart as well as a detailed Stitch terminology for more advanced stitches as mentioned below.

Entry level crochet stitches 

Single crochet stitch, the half double crochet stitch, the double crochet stitch, the treble crochet,
and the front post double crochet stitch. 

Intermediate/advanced crochet stitches

The Double crochet V-Stitch ( when you work 1 double crochet, chain 1, and another double crochet in the same stitch ), the Frontpost V-stitch, 5Double crochet cluster, 6 double crochet shell, Popcorn stitch, and Cross Stitch. 

Pattern includes a photoguide with additional help and information to assist when you might have issues struggling with stitches, advanced stitches, and pattern repeats.

Selection of easy crochet stitches
Photo tutorial included in downloadable pdf pattern
A photo guide / pictorial can be found after the border instructions of the downloadable pattern
Mixed crochet stitch sampler blanket photo tutorial
The photo guide is broken down per written instruction rows section for easy reference.
Step by step photo tutorial included in pattern
This is additional help and added after the pattern, to assist beginner crochet enthusiasts, and not to hinder the more seasoned crocheter.


Using a thinker yarn as what pattern indicate

Using a different weight of yarn other than mentioned in pattern


By using the swatch method you can easily determine the amount of starting chains when you wish to use a yarn with either a heavier thinker weight or a more sportier thinner weight.
as your swatch size determines your initial starting chain, so you won't end up with an over large or way too small blanket it is a great way to work away oddballs and scrap yarn, as you do not have to purchase yarn for this project, you can use what you have on hand.


Using Scrap Yarn Balls when making a Stitch Sampler Blanket


This pattern is a great pattern to work away scrap yarn, but I do recommend when using scrap yarn to keep the weight (thickness) of the balls as similar as possible and only crochet with one crochet hook size for all rows.

If you switch between crochet hook sizes and different thicknesses of yarns you will have some wonky rows and your blanket won't have very straight lines.

using yarn stash left over yarn
Keep the weight of yarns and crochet hook the same size thruout the pattern.

Materials used in this example

I made two sample blankets using two different brands of DK - Double knit weighted cotton yarn. One sample was worked with a 4mm / US: G/6, UK: 8 crochet hook, my 4 mm crochet hook gave me a gauge of 7.5 mm for a row of 12 double crochet stitches, Following the sizing chart as supplied in the pattern I chained 290 stitches for my starting chain as I wanted a custom sized afghan of 180cm wide as I needed and afghan between the sizes of a twin and a double bed blanket size.

The second sample was worked with a 3.5mm / US: E/4, UK: 9 crochet hook. 
I had a swatch size of 2.5 inches for a row of 12 double-crochet stitches. 
Following the sizing chart I chained 165 starting stitches for a crib-sized blanket.

This pattern is perfect for any type of yarn and yarn weight. Just ensure that you always stick to the same yarn weight and crochet hook throughout the pattern. You can work it in your favorite selection of yarn, the choice of color and yarn type is completely up to you.

Multiple Blanket sizes available in one easy pattern

12 Base Blanket sizes included in pattern
Blanket size information and Yarn requirements for multiple blanket sizes

Sizing and resizing the crochet blanket

Blankets/afghans are worked from top to bottom, which means your starting chain length determines the width of the blanket, while the amount of rows you work on determines the length of the blanket. I have done my utmost to make this pattern as scalable and resizable as possible to fit most blanket sizes while using the yarn brand and weight of your choice.

Blanket sizes table

Pattern includes a table that gives you the average sizes of 12 blankets, and assists you in determining what size blanket will suit your need, as sometimes someone asks for a receiving blanket, but you might have no idea what size a receiving blanket needs to be for example.

The blanket sizing table included in the pattern includes the following Blanket sizes for your reference. 

  • Car Seat  : 21 x 25 inches / 54 x 68 cm 
  • Stroller Blanket: 31.5 x 38  inches / 81 x 97 cm 
  • Crib Blanket :30 x 36 inches /  81 x 97 cm
  • Receiving : 42 x 47 inches /  108 x 120 cm 
  • Baby : 42 x 57 inches /  108 x 145 cm
  • Swaddle : 52 x 52 inches /  135 x 135 cm
  • Throw : 52 x 57 inches /  135 x 145 cm
  • Twin : 63 x 95 inches /  160 x 240 cm
  • Double : 80 x 90 inches /  240 x 230 cm
  • Queen :  90 x 100 inches /  205 x 255 cm
  • King : 108 x 100 inches / 275 x 255 cm
  • King XL : 108 x 110 inches / 275 x 280 cm

Easily select your blanket size by creating an easy crochet size test swatch and compare this to the Scalable Blanket Size Table


Blanket / afghan size is determined by making a test swatch, once you have made the test swatch you can then match up your size swatch with the sizing table determine your blanket, and find your starting chain count.

Length of blanket All rows follow in sequins, and you can simply end your row when you have received the required length. The best practice is to finish off with a row that has a 1dc stitch into each stitch.

Resizing Table for using different weighted yarn
Resizing options for different weight of yarns & crochet hooks


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    Multiple blanket sizes in one pattern
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