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Large Crochet Squares

The perfect project for warmer days, when you want to crochet, but making a warm blanket seems daunting, so why start crochet squares in summer to have a cozy square afghan for winter?

I love making crochet squares almost as much as making crochet bags.

They are my ultimate summer go-to crochet projects as they can be worked up bit by bit, and warm days make for great blocking weather, as the days start cooling and it is time to get cozy for cooler nights, it makes the best opportunity to join all you little labors of love.

Large Crochet Squares
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Over the past few months, I have been working on some great new pattern squares, some will form part of my great new squares afghan blanket, to be released in due time. Thank you again for the ongoing support. 




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What you might need for completing this project

I add these pattern requirements as a simple guide to what I have used in the example pattern as well as some suggestions that I might think will work if the required materials are not obtainable. I often get requests on what yarn I have used and what color, so I hope this section helps.

    Suggested yarn for the pattern.

    DK Cotton, Bamboo, or Nylon Fibre content yarn

    Yarn Length required  : +- 500m/ 545yards to complete 3 to 4 large squares

    Recommended Crochet hook size: 4.5 mm hook

    Square size: 24 cm / 9 inches

    The pattern is written in English only - US Terminology


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Large Crochet Squares

Twisted Crazy Daisy Large Crochet Square

Crazy Daisy's large crochet flower square is packed with a combination of textured stitches to make a beautiful flower granny square

Large Crochet Squares

Sunshine Day Crochet Square

Brighten up your next crochet square afghan with this beautiful Sunnyday 9-inch crochet square pattern.

Packed with a combination of textured stitches the pattern includes per-round photos and detailed written instructions that make learning a new square pretty easy, using a 4.5mm crochet hook you will end up with pretty nine-inch squares, a comfortable size for any square blanket crochet project.

Large Crochet Squares

Blooming Daisy Large Flower Crochet Square

The Blooming Daisy 9-inch crochet flower squares are worked right side facing front and make for a somewhat solid square which is great for use in afghans, pillows, or cardigans.

Large Crochet Squares

Large Crochet Flower Blanket Square - Gazania

The Gazania Flower Square is another large square in the African Garden Patchwork Afghan.
The character rich floral granny square is among my favorite crochet motif. I have used the 12 petal crochet flower in some of my other designs, like the Gazania Flower Tote bag and many more. But for now we will focus on this pretty crochet blanket square

* This website has a free online version of this pattern : Find it here

Large Crochet Squares

Protea Crochet Flower Square

My love for flower granny squares is almost as big as my use of bright bold colors, packed with some pretty awesome stitch techniques, it ends up in a beautifully textured crochet square. 

The Protea Flower Square is the first large square in my My African Garden Patchwork Afghan.
When I first launched my pattern, it was almost a fearful response of crocheters being intimidated by the difficulty of a flower crochet pattern, and honestly in my mind, working in the round, making granny squares, and the simplest easiest form of learning crochet.

* This website has a free online version of this pattern : Find it here

Large Crochet Squares

Flower Crochet Square - Agapanthus

Agapanthus Africanus Crochet Flower Square is another large Afghan square from my My African Garden Patchwork Afghan.
This delicate floral 12-inch flower square is based on the Agapanthus Africanus, also known as the African lily, flower,  these beauties adorn many gardens in late summer and are often found in tight clusters.

* This website has a free online version of this pattern : Find it here

Large Crochet Squares

SunnyDays Crochet Flower

The Sunnyday blanket square, this radiant large granny square, is one of the 4 large crochet squares featured in the African Flowers Patchwork Afghan. Like a warm summer day warms my heart, this sun motif-inspired crochet square warms my heart.

* This website has a free online version of this pattern : Find it here

Large Crochet Squares

9inch Crochet Daisy Blanket Granny Square

The big and bold center stage 12-petal daisy is a fun large flower crochet granny square.

Make a big bright bold blanket and color your flowers in different colors, this is a heirloom blanket that will inspire happiness.

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