Easy Mixed Stitch Rainbow Blanket Crochet Pattern

Submitted on Sat, 05/14/2022 - 20:53
Rainbow striped Easy stitch sampler crochet pattern

This fun and easy mixed crochet stitch sampler blanket pattern that anyone can enjoy. Instructions are clear and easy to follow with a stitch diagram included. The colorful rainbow stripes run horizontally across the width of the blanket.

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Easy Mixed stitched Rainbow striped crochet pattern
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Crochet Pattern consists of a wide variety of crochet stitches mixed up and used in some fun combinations to create a rainbow-striped heirloom blanket that can be passed on for generations.

Adapted from my original Striped Stitch Sampler Afghan, this pattern was designed for rows to run across a blanket. This Stitch sampler pattern is made up from bottom to top and works from left to right, so your starting chain length will determine your blanket's width, while the number of rows you complete contributes towards the length of the blanket.

The pattern is written in English and uses US terminology, pattern instructions include both written and stitch diagrams, but no photo tutorial.

Blanket pattern is a great yarn stash buster, the yarn required to complete this pattern is approximately: 3600 yards. Perfect for any type of yarn, just work away all your winter scrap yarn or use your favorite selection of yarn. The choice is completely up to you!

Example pattern information:

  • Crochet hook used in pattern example: 4mm / US : G/6 / UK : 8
  • Yarn weight used in example pattern: Double Knit / worsted
  • Fibre Type of example blanket: Cotton
  • The finished size of the example blanket: 72 x 92 inches / 185 x 235 cm.
  • Yarn length used for example blanket:  3600 yards / 3300 meters
Easy stitch sampler blanket in rainbow striped colorsUS stitch terminology blanket pattern


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Downloadable patterns include : 

  • Written instructions are clear and easy to follow
  • The standalone stitch diagram is available as an additional file to download.
  • 136 Rows in pattern
  • Easy Crochet border instructions

  • The thing I love the most about crochet is the endless possibility of creating something rich with color and texture. The multitude of stitch techniques is endless and stroking your hand over a crochet piece brings a certain kind of joy and peace to any heart. This pattern is close to my heart, as it's a collection of crochet stitches and patterns that I hold very dear. These are simply my favorite go-to patterns, and they can be used in so many shapes and forms.

Tips for making a stitch sampler blanket

Selecting yarn for a stitch sampler blanket

Find a yarn that you like to work with, this is always my number one, 
if you have yarn that you struggle with or something about it just does not work for you, do attempt to make a large blanket or project with it, you will be miserable and most probably not even finish your pattern

Use yarn that is available locally or at least, when you order from an online store that can be sourced quickly. Select a brand that has been around for a while, to make sure that you can get more yarn if need be. Pick a yarn that has a wide range of colors that are readily available. Nothing is more of a downer than running out of yarn, shorting on your favorite color, or the stress of yarn chicken. 

Take note of the fiber content of yarn, acrylic yarn can be easily found at most stores and also has a wide range of colors, cotton yarn is normally more found in wool-specific or craft stores and can end up being a bit more pricey than acrylic yarn. Consider yarn that will suit your budget, this pattern does require a lot of yarn, some yarn can be quite expensive so note that you can still make a beautiful crochet blanket with less expensive yarn.

Try to use a yarn that is machine washable, if you have the tie and enjoy washing blankets by hand you are welcome to select a yarn that is only hand washable but for most of us, being stuck in the rut of daily life, machine washable option is the best option for most

Selecting yarn for a stitch sampler blanket


Select a light weighted blanket friendly tarn for a stitch sampler blanket


Recommended yarn weight for making stitch sampler blanket

This pattern can be worked in any blanket-friendly yarn. To fit into the size scope of the finished size mentioned above I recommend using medium-weighted yarn like worsted weight (medium) yarn,  DK (double knit) yarn, or Aran or Afghan.
If you are looking to make a more bulky weighted blanket you can work the pattern in some bulky weighted yarn like Chunky, Craft, or Rug yarn, but note that your blanket will be larger than the finished measurements mentioned in the pattern.

Keep to one weight of yarn, if you are using worsted weight (medium) yarn, use this for the complete project, if you have two different kinds of brands of worsted weight yarn and you know that the worsted weight is the same or very closely similar, you can use them together, but ensure that your crochet hook size stays the same if you switch hook sizes through the blanket rows your guage will be different and your work will be wonky.

Tips for selecting colors when making a stitch sampler blanket

When it comes to a multicolored blanket a striped afghan or a stitch sampler afghan.
Pick the colors that you like most, jip as simple as that. If it is a blanket for you then pick colors that suit your mood, if it is for a friend or a child room, then go with the shades mostly featured in that room, if you're looking for a more toned-down version, then pick light browns and shade of creams and whites, or be bold and pick bright vivid colors. The biggest perk of stitch sampler blankets is that anything works with them, no matter what colors or shades you use.

When working the pattern I use one color for each succession row until I have used all the colors, and then I start all over again, you can choose to use your colors or sequence switch up the next set of colors, or just go willy nilly and pick a random color, somedays my children dictate the color choice for my next row, and that's what I love about mixed stitch blankets, it's just random colorfulness.

When I work with scrap yarns, I tend to work more rows with colors that I have more leftover yarn with, but then break up the covers with one or two rows of colors I have less of so that that color carries throughout the blanket.

Select bright colors for a rainbow crochet stitch sampler blanket


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Easy Mixed stitched Rainbow striped crochet pattern
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