Sunnyside Circle Bag

Submitted on Thu, 10/26/2023 - 01:45
Crochet bag for crochet yarn

Add flare to any outfit, with a new sunny round circle bag, the center sun pattern is perfect for when you want to be stylish and on-point without compromising your comfort or style. This medium-sized crossbody bag pattern includes various strap lengths, features a sun decal in the center, and is made up of round-textured crochet stitches into a cross-shoulder or cross-body bag.

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Textured crochet stitches in the round, have been designed to make this bag durable and long-lasting. Suggested yarn for completing this crochet bag project is cotton, nylon, or hemp fiber content yarns. Using a strong fiber content yarn for this crochet bag pattern will ensure this bag won't fray or wear out over time.

Crochet crossbody satchels are great for daily use, the circle pouch keeps your essentials secure, and the fun sun design will add color to your look. 

You can choose your required strap length, to make sure that your bag fits just right. There's no need to search through pockets or dig through your purse for what you need. You'll always have it with you by its side!

You will love how versatile these bags are, they're perfect for any season of the year! They can easily transition from casual wear into evening attire and back again, making them great for everyday use as well as special occasions like weddings or parties where you want to stand out from everyone else!

Patterns include multiple strap lengths for resizing, so you can find one that fits your personal style, or make a few bags with different lengths and colors for different looks and outfits.

Pattern is written for the use of two colors, but can easily be worked in a wide variety of color variations, and can easily be resized to a larger or smaller sized bag, make sure you read the pattern notes for more on these variations. So changing this satchel to a colorful beach bag can be done with little effort.

The pattern indicates approx 400m of yarn required for a medium-sized bag, if you wish to make the bag larger you will require more yarn, the pattern is worked up using a 4.5mm crochet hook, and is made with double knit cotton yarn. Cotton yarn is best suited for making a crochet bag as it has less stretch to the fiber and crochets into a strong fabric.

I love making crochet bags for the reason that I can easily wash them, but I do recommend that you stick to the cleaning requirements suggested for your yarn type and brand when cleaning your bag. Ensure that the yarn you select is colorfast, and can easily be washed or even wiped clean as bags do tend to go through a lot of use.

Pouch Layed flat from side to side: 26 cm
Pouch Layed flat from top to bottom: 26 cm
Bag Layed Flat Straps from top to bottom: 105 cm

Tote Bag consists of 3 main parts, 
2 side panels 
One strap; is worked in one continuous row, after which the two panels are joined together on the strap, see the joining bag for more information

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