Crochet Tutorials

Starting and ending each row with Straight Stitches

Let's start by understanding the starting stitches.

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How to join colors in this pattern

For this pattern we use a new color for each row.

Join new color into the top stitch space of the last stitch worked from the previous row, with a slip stitch, 

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Foundation Row

Foundation row

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Add some Flower Power in Pattern Rows

Add some flower power to your pattern by using a row of V-Stitches followed by a row of 5dc-clusters.

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6 Double Crochet Shell Flower Pattern

This pattern is worked in two rows, the first is a row of V-stitches , the second is a row of 6dc (double crochet) row.

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Making waves with standard crochet stitches

Join a new color with a slip stitch, work one sc over the slip stitch to secure the yarn, after the join, chain2 ,count a first 3ch, work starting straight stitch count(sssc) as allocated in the printable pattern,

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Crochet Flower Pebbels in a row

This is by far my most favorite combination for a pretty little addon for any pattern. For me it's quick work to get through rows and leaves a beautiful textures lacy crochet effect.

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How to Start with a Magic Ring

Start with a magic ring,

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How to join a Crochet Tote Pouch

Make the Strap

You can use any color of your choice, but the best practice is to use the main color of the bag and strap, this will ensure that your finishing stitches do not show.


Joining the bag

Join the two ends of the straps together with a simple sc stitch, or some yarn and a yarn needle, whichever you prefer.

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